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Trigger Bomb with a Plunger

Bombs are a type of construct that explode under various circumstances.  Generally, they are composed of Brimstone, Rubble, and Moonstone, although materials vary depending on the type of bomb.

A bomb usually consists of a charge, trigger, and cap with exceptions (ex. rolling bombs). Brimstone is commonly used as the charge, and moonstone is used as the trigger. The material and/or shape of the cap often determines the type of explosion from the bomb.

Bombs have different explosive behaviours and can either destroy blocks or coat and/or convert blocks to a different material. The type of detonation and explosion can also vary:[1]

Proxy -- Explodes upon being built
Contact -- Explodes when touched or when an adjacent material is harvested
Trigger -- Explodes or becomes activated when a plunger is broken
Radial -- Explodes in a radius around the charge
Directional (Conical) -- Explodes conically in the direction of the cap (more substances are destroyed further away from the bomb)
Flat -- Explodes without destroying substances beneath and parallel to the bomb

Bomb Types[]

Bombs no longer in the game[]