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Patterns not only allows the player to build the world around them, but also create the blocks they build with. In addition, they can create formations to help with gathering resources, setting up spawn locations, or even just playing around.

Substances are the building materials of the game. Some substances have effects that influence the avatar.

Shapes are the basic building blocks of the game. There are currently between 40-50 shapes that can be made. They can be added to the hotbar on the bottom of the screen.

Patterns are structures created on the Pattern Stone Workbench (see "Workbenches" below). They can also be added to the hotbar.


Shaping stone The Shaping Stone Workbench allows the player to build shapes.
Pattern stone The Pattern Stone Workbench allows the player to save structures created with shapes.


Physics is an important aspect to keep in mind while building. Substances have stress levels that limit how tall/far you can build before the structure collapses. Information about substance stress levels can be found on the Substance Properties page. (Note: As of 0.01, the page is outdated.)

Crafting and FormationsEdit

Formations are special structures that usually have a use in the game. They can be added to the hotbar via the Pattern Stone Workbench.

Crafting is currently limited to converting substances into other substances with a crafting station. There are two crafting stations in the game.

Stoked kiln
The Kiln converts certain non-ore substances into bricks.
Stoked forge
The Forge converts ore substances into metal.