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Note: I set up a quick layout design until we get the first maps in. Also, Map Name should also be a link to the page for the map.

Built-in mapsEdit

Proto World 1Edit

Patterns map proto1

The map you start in, as of version 0.01a, and the only map available in-game. In 0.01b the starting world has been updated to the new version of Proto World 2.

Proto World 2 (0.01a)Edit

Patterns map proto2
  • There is some additional Gypsum on the islands.
  • The floor is made out of triangle faces.
  • A new Starene Shape on a pedestal.
Extended version of the start world. Possible reason for leaving this out is system requirements considerations. Has additional hexagonal islands floating in the back. The islands contain more Gypsum, which may turn Starene the rarest material in this map. You can also find a new Shape from the islands. Due to the hexagonal shape of the islands, all floors are made out of triangle faces. You can see this part of the map briefly in the first released preview video of Patterns.

Proto World 2 (0.01b)

Extended version of the start world from 0.01a. As of version 0.01b this is the world the player starts in.

Proto World 4Edit

Patterns map proto3

Smaller map with the most prominent feature being the trees with the round shaped leaves. There is no easy way to land on the island because the spawn is out of its range.


Patterns map logo

A map with the word "Patterns" made out of different shapes and materials. On the left there are the letters R and H, most likely the initials of Rod Humble, CEO of Linden Lab.

Leslie's Test 1Edit

Patterns map leslietest

This is a map with the filename LeslieTest1. There is a single tree with round leaves made out of Nak, Bonestone, Jasper and the yet unknown unbreakable stone with red metallic ore showing.

Danijel's WorldEdit

Patterns map danijel

This map was added in the 0.01b update. As with most of the other maps that are not in-game, you can't land on the main part of it.

Metrics WorldEdit

Patterns map metricsworld

This is a map with all of the materials in the game, as of version 0.01a, some of which are not yet found in the starting map. There are also other structures for testing purposes.

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