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Note: The majority of this article has been out dated.  It is being left here for legacy.[]

Just thought I'd add for clarity, at some point the name of "Starene" was changed to "Moonstone"

How to make Explosions:

This is a small guide for all new people who want to blast off some areas ;)

Oh... and it can blast most of the unmineable stuff too ;)

1st You need some Starene (around 20-30)

2nd You need to make a shape at the Pyramid with a Tree around it (Neighbour Island of Spawn Point)

How to make the required Shape (if you haven't already found the Starene Version of it):



After you have this shape and the required Starene then build this:

(1 is the basic Cube shape, 4 is the Shape from above)

CAUTION! When you Explode Starene, you may have less than before the explosion since many of the Starene Parts are lost forever after the explosion! Because they blast away too.

ALSO: The Starene explodes in just a few seconds after you placed it like this (almost instant) so beware of it.


Video Tutorial on explosions:


Patterns tutorial - How to blow things up explosion