Rocket Bomb
Activation Upon construction
Detonation Delayed
Area of Impact
Range ~60 Blocks

The Rocket Bomb is a type of bomb that is propelled in a single direction.  Upon formation, the Rocket Bomb will lift off the ground, and shoot in the direction of the cap.  It will attach to whatever it hits, and trigger a large explosion a moment later.


A rocket bomb is created by attaching a rubble tall pyramid (cap) to two brimstone cubes.


  • The Rocket Bomb will fly for approximately 60 blocks before it loses its initial altitude.
  • The Rocket Bomb can be ridden to new destinations, provided you place it sideways or at an angle.
  • The Rocket Bomb's trajectory can be altered by the player's weight.  This can cause it to fly out of control.  If you are trying to ride the rocket, you have to make sure not to jump or land on it too hard.