Rolling Bomb
Rolling bomb
Activation Upper speed threshold
Detonation Delayed?, Lower speed threshold
Area of Impact
6 x 6 cubes

A Rolling Bomb is bomb that relies on changes in speed to explode. The bomb detaches from the surface it is placed upon once completed. To activate the bomb, it can be placed on a flat surface and hit, placed on a wall for it to drop, or placed on an incline to roll. It will attach to the first surface it touches after being activated. Since activation relies on speed, the bomb will not necessarily finish rolling down an incline or hit the ground (if the wall is right next to the bomb) before attaching to the surface and exploding.

While the bomb does not explode right away, it is currently unknown whether the delay is from lag or an actual delay in the bomb explosion.


A brimstone square bicupola prism can be placed in the world.