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Metallic/dark Unbreakable even with explosions

There are currently Unbreakable Materials that can only be destroyed by making physics take effect and pushing them out of the world or blowing them up with Trigger Bombs. The names of the materials have not yet been released to the public.

Yet there are also unbreakable Materials, even with bombs and most of the times you cannot even force them to be pushed around. These are Black Onyx like looking rocks. One of them is right at the Spawn when you go out of the Start Pyramid and look to your right.

Stone Metallic/Bronze


Stone-like/Metallic vein
Unbreakable pattern1 shape1.png
Unbreakable pattern2 shape1.png
Unbreakable pattern3 shape1.png
Unbreakable pattern4 shape1.png
Unbreakable pattern1 shape2.png
Unbreakable pattern2 shape2.png
Unbreakable pattern3 shape2.png
Unbreakable pattern4 shape2.png
Unbreakable pattern1 shape3.png
Unbreakable pattern2 shape3.png
Unbreakable pattern3 shape3.png
Unbreakable pattern4 shape3.png
Shell Sand Brownstone Sandstone
Unbreakable pattern5 shape1.png
Unbreakable pattern6 shape1.png
Unbreakable pattern7 shape1.png
Unbreakable pattern8 shape1.png
Unbreakable pattern5 shape2.png
Unbreakable pattern6 shape2.png
Unbreakable pattern7 shape2.png
Unbreakable pattern8 shape2.png
Unbreakable pattern5 shape3.png
Unbreakable pattern6 shape3.png
Unbreakable pattern7 shape3.png
Unbreakable pattern8 shape3.png